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Haidressers in Canterbury Have you been looking for fashionable hairdressers in Canterbury? Whether you need bridal hair or hair colour, you can find the listing for the hair you want in our extensive directory. Having a new haircut can mean an amazing new look and more confidence. If you locks are cropped, afro or brunette, we have got the hair colourists and hair salon in Canterbury you want. Hair treatments such as protein treatments, could revive the health of very damaged hair and more and more hairdressers are providing these hair treatments in their hair salons. To find out whether the conditioning hair treatments are sold in Canterbury, search our online directory. Just a trim, brunette hair or a crazy cut; whether you would love it curly or wavy, we will have the online listing for the hair salon you need. The leading hairdessers in Canterbury who can give you a great hairstyle will have a listing with us.

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Craig Sheehan

83 Northgate, Canterbury, Kent, CT11 1BA

Tel: 01227 785566

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