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Hair Problems

There are a number of different hair problems that are treated everyday by hairdressers and mobile hairdressers, and in more extreme case by dermatologists, to treat hair conditions including dandruff, greasy hair, dry scalp, and hair loss on all types of hair including Afro hair.

Here you’ll find useful details on the causes of such hair problems and how you can help prevent or cure them:


Although the shedding of dead skin cells from your scalp is normal within the growing process of the cells, sometimes it can happen at an excessive rate and this is what’s commonly known as dandruff. This hair problem can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, age or race, and it is worth pointing out here that dandruff has nothing to do with bad hair care.

There are several causes for dandruff, such as stress, bad nutrition, lack of rest, frequent use of gels and hair sprays, and excessive use of hot curling irons or hair straighteners. In most cases dandruff is worst during cold winters and less of a problem during the summer months. Although there is no cure for dandruff, you can control it by using a good anti-dandruff shampoo but remember if you stop using this specially formulated shampoo, the dandruff will come back.

Hair loss

It may be more commonly associated with aging men, but hair loss is also a problem for some women. On average, hair grows half an inch per month and will grow for two to six years, then enter a period of rest before falling out. Shortly after the hair loss, a new hair begins to grow in the empty spot. Hair loss or baldness occurs when a new hair doesn't grow after the original hair falls out. There are several reasons why women suffer hair loss, including a change in hormones and stress.

Dry Scalp

Particularly a problem in winter or colder climates where people move in and out of heated areas frequently. A dry scalp is caused when the skin becomes tight and itchy and tiny flakes of dead skin come away when combing or brushing the hair.

Many dry scalp conditions are misidentified as dandruff, and are treated as such, which can actually worsen the condition. However, there are many hairdressing and hair care products available today, such as deep conditioners and moisturisers that can be used to treat dry scalps.

Oily Scalp

Probably the most common hair or scalp problem, oily scalp conditions are difficult to deal with particularly if you have long hair. For most people, treating an oily scalp leaves their hair looking dry but if they use conditioner to put moisture back into the hair it causes the scalp to go oily once again. This problem can be resolved by adjusting the hair treatment routine. For example, only use shampoo at the scalp and apply conditioner just to the ends of your hair.

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