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Everyone is different heights and weights with different shaped heads and faces, and so it is only natural that different hairstyles will look better on some people than others. To help you choose the best hairstyle for you, here we give you the low down on the kind of styles that are best suited your face shape:


Basically this is the most perfect shaped face you can have where hairstyles are concerned because almost every style works for you. If you have an oval face, you have what is generally considered as a balanced face, so choose a style you like, long or short, and use your hair to bring out your best facial features.


As the oval face is considered to be the perfect shape, this is the shape you are trying to create. If you have a square face then longer hair falling past your shoulders will suit you best. To bring out your best features have some soft layers cut into your hair and a long fringe around the temples. Even when your hair is tied back, leave wisps around the face to soften your look and make your face look more oval.

Long and rectangular

To make a rectangular or long face look closer to the perfect oval shape, go for width by shortening the face with a fringe just touching the eyebrows. Alternatively, you could try a side parting that sweeps across the face. It is also worth keeping longer styles just above the shoulders to avoid 'dragging' your face down, although shorter shapes make the face look wider.


If you have a round face then you’ll want to slim it down at the sides by keeping the sides close to your face and going for height on the top, which will lengthen the appearance of the face. In addition, hair brought forward onto the face in soft wisps is flattering with shorter styles.

Heart–shaped face

The best way to achieve a more oval looking face here is to create width around the chin. Perhaps you could try your hair at shoulder length and go for fullness from the chin down and have a side parting with the hair drawn across on a slant.

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